This page shows you how to interact and have some fun with the artwork ‘DORMANT’.

The main program runs continuosly once the work is plugged in, then there are seven other sequences to select from on the Nicolaudie keypad to interact with and alter the program.

Some sequences simply pulsate like a heartbeat in a bright red, others have no background light but exhibit an array of colourful moths, fading into an assortment of contrasting colour. In the daytime it is quiet and remains dormant, but at dusk it comes to life! Which combinations will be your favourite?

Step 1: Download the FREE Nicolaudie Stick Remote App from the Apple App Store
Step 2: Connect to the Dormant Wifi Network. Note: Dormant Wifi does not support internet. Download the app before you connect to Dormant Wifi
Step 3: Open the Nicolaude Stick Remote App on your phone and connect to Dormant
Step 4: Interact!! You make the Dormant do any of the 8 pre-programmed sequences


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